Flow Engineering is an open set of adaptive practices for eliminating waste and improving performance across organizations

From Value Stream Mapping to Effective Action

Enable flow across your organization

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Why This

Study after study has shown that 70% of digital transformation efforts fail. Why? Not for lack of funding, lack of tools, or lack of effort. Organizations attempting to evolve are limited by their capacity to implement systems of change to adopt new capabilities.Value, clarity, and flow are the currency of knowledge work, but they’re difficult to describe, build, and measure and so are usually left implicit. Failing to optimize for these concerns risks teams that are confused, disengaged, and ineffective. It only gets harder at scale.

  • Guide your team, in-person or remotely, in co-creating clear visualizations of your work processes.

  • Re-connect business and technology by re-framing value delivery with alignment and empathy.

  • Understand how to sustain states of psychological flow in the pursuit of increasing the flow of benefit to customers.

Why Now

Based on foundations from Value Stream Mapping, cybernetics, and the Toyota Production System, Flow Engineering's lightweight and iterative practices build the value, clarity, and flow required for effective collaboration and collective action. Flow Engineering provides a step-by-step guide for running fast-paced mapping workshops that rapidly build shared understanding.Using five key maps to facilitate collaborative, actionable conversation we'll show you how teams can surface tangled process dependencies, conflicting priorities, and unspoken assumptions that grind progress to a halt. The result? A clear roadmap owned by the people doing the work to accelerate innovation cycles, optimize workflows, and achieve more effective coordination.

  • An open set of adaptive practices for teams of all types

  • It blends step-by-step instruction with case studies on success (and failure).

  • See how flow can unlock not just agility, but alignment and sustained performance at scale.


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“Flow Engineering is an ‘actionable textbook’ for product teams seeking to define value, build clarity, and enable flow.…[Flow Engineering] serves as the glue to interconnect target outcomes, current and future value streams, and a set of actions to go from a sub-optimal current state to a desirable future state. With this book, you not only get a map but also a compass!”- Manjunath Bhat, VP Analyst for Software Engineering, Gartner

“As a CTO grappling with the challenges of managing diverse teams in a fast-paced tech environment, Flow Engineering provides a refreshing perspective on leadership in the modern workplace. It’s not just about theoretical ideas; the book offers practical tools and frameworks to unlock hidden value within teams and drive innovation. I highly recommend this book to any leader seeking to inspire their teams and deliver greater value to their customers and organization.”- France Roy, CTO, Balsam Brands, former CTO, Anheuser-Busch InBev DTC

“The case studies, examples, and exercises in this book will provide education to the organization and build muscle for high-performance collaboration. The authors advocate for the right balance between prescriptive and generative approaches recognizing that both approaches are required to enable meaningful, long-lasting change. They will skillfully step you through the change process for your organization meeting you where you are.”- Sejal Amin, CTO Shutterstock

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